SEC Version 5.14 Designated

22 February 2018

SEC Version 5.14 came into effect on 22nd February 2018. The Secretary of State has directed changes to SEC Section A and designated a new SEC Appendix AJ.

  • The changes to Section A introduce a new Section A4 to cover the provisions for derogations from the SMETS1 General Installation End Date. Derogations may be granted to Suppliers by the Secretary of State. Consequential amendments to other parts of Section A have also been made in response to this.
  • The new SEC Appendix AJ ‘SEC Variation Testing Approach Document’ has been produced to explain how testing will be conducted by DCC as directed for Release 2.0.

You can download a zip folder containing SEC v5.14, or download the individual sections of the SEC from the Smart Energy Code page of our website.

Additionally, the following documents were approved by the Secretary of State to be provided for reference against SEC Appendix AJ:

These documents are also available on the About Releases page of our website.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the changes to the SEC further, please contact the SEC Change Team on 020 7090 7755 or email