SEC v45.0 released to implement MP161

1 September 2021

An updated version of the SEC came into effect on 1 September 2021 to implement MP161 ‘Significant Code Review – Retail Code Consolidation’.

This is an Authority-Led Variation raised as part of the Significant Code Review (SCR) for Retail Code Consolidation.

This modification amends a number of refences to other Energy Codes alongside the SCR to ensure consistency between all the impacted Codes.

Additionally, it will introduce a new framework for progressing cross-Code modifications. The amendments will require the SEC Panel to nominate representatives to a new Cross Code Steering Group who will help coordinate and progress cross-Code issues. It also sets out the concept of Lead Codes and Consequential Changes and allows the Panel to appeal decisions on such changes to the Authority where appropriate. The intent is to ensure better coordination of cross-Code issues and the progression of related changes as a suite rather than piecemeal and staggered change.


What parts of the SEC were affected?

The following part of the SEC was affected:

  • Section A ‘Definitions and Interpretation’
  • Section B ‘Accession’
  • Section D ‘Modification Process’
  • Section E ‘Registration Data’
  • Section K ‘Charging Methodology’
  • Schedule 5 ‘Accession Information’
  • Appendix X ‘Registration Data Interface Specification’
  • Appendix Y ‘Registration Data Interface Code of Connection’


Where can I access the redlining?

The redlined changes to this Schedule can be found on CodeWorks via the links below:


Our Document Log lists the versions of each SEC document now in effect following this release.

You can download the individual SEC documents from the SEC and Supporting Documents section of our website or via CodeWorks.


Where can I find further information?

Further information can be found on the MP161 page of our website. If you have any questions, you can call the SECAS Helpdesk at 020 7090 7755 or email