SEC Section G5.27 and G5.28 – Obligations not fulfilled by SEC Parties

6th August 2018

If you employ a Shared Resource to provide part of your User Systems and haven’t notified SECAS, you may be in breach of the SEC.

Pursuant to SEC Section G5.27, from the moment at which you begin to employ a Shared Resource as part of your User Systems, you need to notify the Security Sub-Committee (SSC) via

Section G5.28 states: You will also be required to notify the SSC the total number of Smart Metering Systems comprising Devices in respect of which such Critical Service Requests are capable of being sent from you User Systems. You need to do this when you first employ the Shared Resource and at intervals of 6 months thereafter.

We note that many Shared Resources do this on behalf of their Users, but SECAS would like to take this opportunity to remind SEC Parties that the obligation is on the User themselves and not their Shared Resource.

You can read the obligations in full here

If you have any further questions, or require clarification around these obligations, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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