SEC Panel notification to BEIS – SMETS1 Live Services Criteria

26 July 2019

In April this year BEIS requested the SEC Panel’s input as part of the governance and assurance of Smart DCC Ltd’s (DCC) operational readiness to commence provision of the relevant “live” services for SMETS1 Devices.  This included reviewing the DCC’s Live Services Criteria (LSC) submission and supporting evidence.  For transparency, SECAS are notifying SEC Parties of the process followed and the recommendations made.

The DCC submitted their LSC documentation on 5 July and this was reviewed by the Operations Group, Security Sub-Committee and Testing Advisory Group.

On 15 July the sub-committees provided their recommendation to the SEC Panel which is available below.

On 19 July the SEC Panel considered and supported the recommendation of the sub-committees.  The Panel confirmed this in writing to BEIS and this letter is also available below.

SECAS are currently seeking permission from the DCC to publish their LSC submission and will include this if and when this permission is granted.

SEC Panel Sub-Committee Review of LSC for the first entry onto the EPCL for SMETS1


Panel Notification to BEIS - SMETS1 Live Services Criteria