You said, we listened – Modification Working Groups

16th November 2018

We are always keen to hear your feedback and we have recently received some constructive comments on what really matters for our customers when it comes down to everyday business, and how to improve our delivery of the Modification Process. In particular, we have received feedback around our handling of Working Groups, and have introduced a number of changes in response to this:

 You said: information on modifications on the website is not always up to date.

We have: updated the timelines on all our modification webpages to reflect the current progression.

We will: ensure our modification webpages are kept fully up-to-date going forward, including that all confirmed Working Group meetings are displayed in the calendar.

We will: be revamping our modification webpages in the near future, to provide more information on the progression of modifications.


You said: summaries of Working Group meetings are not posted on the website, so it is not easy to follow the development of the modification.

We will: publish the agenda and post-meeting summaries for all Working Group meetings on that meeting’s calendar page on the website.


You said: as a Working Group member, updates to documents issued to us for review are not always obvious.

We will: mark up changes from any previous version when issuing these to Working Groups to review. This will help the members see what has changed from the previous version.


You said: it is not clear how a Working Group has responded to comments made in consultations.

We will: ensure that where the Working Group discusses comments received in consultations, that the discussions and conclusions are included in the Modification Report.

We will: ensure that where comments are made we will respond to the originator with answers in a timely manner.


You said: not all materials are provided to Working Group members in formats that recipients can access.

We will: issue materials produced in non-standard applications (e.g. in Visio) as a PDF.

We will: issue documents for review in Word format rather than PDF so that Working Group members can more easily comment within the documents.

 We want to provide the best service that we can, and we will be continuing to look at how we can improve the running of Working Groups. To help with this, we have been gathering feedback from attendees at recent Working Group meetings to help us find further ways to improve. If you have any further comments or suggestions about what we do well and where we can get better, please contact us by emailing

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