Request for Information – Data Quality

11th September 2018

SECAS today issued a Request for Information regarding Data Quality and seeks views from Parties.

The August Smart Energy Code (SEC) Panel meeting discussed issues of data quality. There were concerns that a combination of DCC system design and Parties not fulfilling their obligations (both under the SEC and other industry Codes) means that smart meter related data is already becoming inaccurate. The Panel are very aware of the issues that poor data quality has caused with legacy systems and do not want the same issues to manifest in smart meter data sets. The Operations Sub Group (Ops Group) have also identified a number of data quality issues where Parties have noted that data held within, or to populate, smart metering systems is not as it should be.

The Request for Information includes the issues identified by Ops Group and asks Parties to respond as to the extent they agree these are issues, but also to identify other data quality concerns. You can find the full Request for Information below, together with a response sheet.

Please submit responses by close of  business on 9th October 2018. 

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