Recent BEIS publications on smart metering

6th December 2018

Customer Experience Survey

BEIS published several documents relating to Smart Meter Customer Experience Study 2017 on 22 November 2018 including an Executive Summary, main report, and a separate Post-Installation Survey report. The study looked at

  • Levels of satisfaction among smart meter customers;
  • Use of In-Home Displays (IHDs);
  • Use of other smart meter-enabled devices;
  • Impact of smart meters on understanding of energy consumption and
  • Impact of smart meters on energy consumption behaviour.


Review of Data Access and Privacy Framework

At the same time the Government also published its Smart Metering Implementation Programme – Review of the Data Access and Privacy Framework. the document sets out the general principles of the framework and the conclusions drawn from gathering views as part of the review. General points include:

  • Overall levels of consumer concern regarding privacy in relation to smart metering remain low, consumers are generally reassured by the Framework and appropriate safeguards are in place. As the number of smart meters installed continues to grow, further evidence is likely to become available and ongoing monitoring will be required
  • Although few consumers are concerned about their smart meter data, levels of awareness about how data will be accessed are low, with some consumers saying that they would like to receive more information. Opportunities exist to improve the quality of information provided to consumers, including through the sharing of good practice.
  • Levels of innovation using energy consumption data are broadly in line with expectations. Interest in the opportunities offered by smart meter data is continuing to grow, with scope for ongoing awareness raising in this area, both within and beyond the energy industry.
  • Next steps include sharing good practice, promoting understanding of the framework and ongoing monitoring.