Panel Notification to BEIS – LSC Honeywell Elster Active EPCL Entries SMETS1

19 February 2020

The Panel considered, on 13 December 2019, the evidence submitted by the DCC regarding the readiness to migrate and operate active Itron Device Model Combinations (DMCs), along with dormant Honeywell Elster DMCs. The DCC did not request approval of its readiness to migrate active Honeywell Elster DMCs at that time, due to an outstanding defect identified during testing which would have carried risks for consumers if active DMCs were migrated prior to it being remedied.

On 14 February 2020, the Panel considered evidence provided by the DCC which satisfactorily demonstrated that the outstanding defect has been fixed and completed testing successfully, and that the DCC is operationally ready to start the migration of active Honeywell DMCs.

At its meeting on 14 February 2020, the Panel considered and supported the recommendations made by the Panel Sub Committees (Operations Group, Security Sub-Committee and Testing Advisory Group).

The Panel confirmed this in writing to BEIS and the letter is available below.

Panel Notification to BEIS - SMETS1 Live Services Criteria