Operational Metrics Review Update

10 February 2020

We are currently drafting our final report having performed a review of the DCC Operational Metrics that are issued monthly to all SEC Parties. We have evaluated all the findings from our reviews, surveys and workshops to make a number of recommendations for improvements to the reporting including better service availability metrics and measuring DCC performance against key business processes.

The first draft of our report will go out to all OPSG members on the 17th February for initial review and feedback. Following this, we will update the report and then issue a final draft for review by all SEC Parties on 6th March. This will be followed by a further update before submission of a final report to the SEC Panel on 17th April.

We will be holding a short teleconference on the 5th March to give SEC Parties an overview of the report and answer any questions. Thank you again to all those that have contributed to this review. All input has been extremely helpful and helped us focus on improving the metrics that are important to Users and their businesses.

To join the teleconference on 5th March at 10am, please use the details below:

+44 20 3880 2456

Conference ID: 146 571 30#