New Guidance Published: SMKI PMA and SSC Guidance – Standards, Procedures and Guidelines

7 December 2020

The SEC contains numerous references to standards, procedures and guidelines in relation to security compliance, Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) and DCC Key Infrastructure (DCCKI) Services and the SMKI and DCCKI Document Sets. These are used to assist the DCC and DCC Users to achieve consistent and reliable performance in the application of security controls and enable a common understanding of how to comply with such standards, procedures and guidelines.

Both the SMKI PMA and the SSC have specific duties that include an obligation to periodically review any changes or updates to the defined standards, procedures and guidelines and when any are deprecated or discontinued.

During 2019, NCSC confirmed that it has discontinued its Good Practice Guides (GPGs), which are a group of standards referenced throughout the SEC, moving to greater use of blogs which can be kept up-to-date more easily to respond to changing security demands. However, these are inappropriate to use as mandated SEC obligations since they are subject to frequent change.

Therefore, the SMKI PMA and the SSC has developed bespoke guidance to ensure that the DCC and Users can continue to abide by relevant and essential guidelines to maintain the integrity of smart metering security and SMKI and DCCKI operations. The guidance has been developed to ensure there is no material change between the discontinued NCSC GPGs and the SMKI PMA and SSC proposed guidance.

The new SMKI PMA and SSC Guidance – Standards, Procedures and Guidelines document can be found here.

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