Market Wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Programme: Nomination deadline extended and updated criteria

17 September 2021

The MHHS Programme recently issued a request for MHHS Programme governance constituency representative nominations. Several MHHS Programme Participants have asked for more time to submit nominations, so the deadline for nominations has been extended to 30 September 2021. To submit your nominations, please complete a Nomination Form and send it to

Suppliers have also asked for additional clarity on the Supplier constituency criteria, so MHHS has updated the Supplier criteria to assign Suppliers to their constituency representative. This information is published in the Nomination, Election and Appointment Process documentation, in Appendix 2 Constituency Criteria Guidance. This update better aligns the MHHS constituency model to that of the established Faster Switching constituency model.

Extending the nomination period potentially impacts the timing of the first Programme Steering Group (PSG) and other high level governance meetings, especially if elections are required before constituency representatives can be appointed. MHHS believes delays to the Programme Design work are undesirable. Therefore, they propose to create five new working groups, with the intention to start two of these in October 2021. The following working groups will be created:

1. Business Process and Requirements Working Group (BPRWG)
2. Technical Design Working Group (TDWG)
3. Data Working Group (DWG)
4. Security Working Group (SWG)
5. Consequential Change Impact Assessment Group (CCIAG)

To avoid delays to the Programme Design work, MHHS will create the BPRWG and the TDWG as level 4 working groups under the Design Advisory Group (DAG) as soon as possible. Once the DAG is established, they can then review the proposed groups.

If you have any questions, please email