Launch of the new CACoP Website

29 October 2021

The Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) Forum is delighted to announce the launch of its new website. The CACoP Website is the new home for all information related to the CACoP. Here, you will be able to find the latest versions of all CACoP documents and products in one central place, where previously these were stored across various Code websites.

Information on the new website includes:

  • The CACoP – the set of principles that the Code Administrators are required to uphold;
  • The Central Modifications Register – the consolidated record of all live industry Code changes;
  • The Horizon Scanner – a forward look at what could impact the CACoP industry Codes in the medium to long-term;
  • CACoP issued guidance – any information that the Forum has published to support Parties navigating their Codes; and
  • The latest and historic versions of the CACoP Newsletter – the quarterly publication that keeps interested parties updated on CACoP matters.

The CACoP Website is also home to a brand new industry Codes meeting calendar. Here you can access information about when meetings are happening across the industry, filter these by individual Codes, and navigate to individual meeting pages on specific code websites through integrated links. It includes meeting information for all 10 CACoP Codes.

By visiting the CACoP Newsletter page, you can also sign up to receive direct notifications from the CACoP Forum each time the latest newsletter is released. You can also send any queries or feedback on the website directly to the CACoP Forum Secretary, through a form on the Contact Us page.

If you have any questions, please contact