Improvements to the change process – our plan for 2019

20th December 2018

In 2019, we will be embarking on a number of workstreams looking at improving the SEC change processes. These will build upon the work carried out under the Section D Review earlier this year, as well as incorporating wider feedback received from Parties since then. Our biggest workstreams going into the new year will be:

  • Raising changes: When any change is raised, the first question that should be asked is “what is the problem we are trying to solve?”. Without a clear problem statement, the scope of a change can grow and the solution at the end of the process often does not solve the issue that needs to be addressed or which was originally identified. The information required in a Proposal Form is also really detailed and encourages a Proposer to dive straight into a solution. We will be reviewing how this step of the process can be improved and will be highlighting our thoughts with the Panel in January.
  • Working Groups: While we have already made some improvements to how Working Groups are run, we intend to take a step back and ask the more fundamental question of what the role of a Working Group should be. We have a number of expert groups under the SEC that could better assist in the development of solutions, and we recognise the key principle of Proposer ownership, where a modification’s solution is owned by the Proposer. With these in mind, we will be seeking further feedback on this area over the coming months and will be presenting potential approaches to the Panel in February.
  • Subsidiary documents: One of the main issues with the drafting of the SEC is that it contains detailed technical requirements as well as obligations and principles. It has also led to a confusing array of Schedules and Appendices which have become cumbersome to update or change, as every such document is subject to the Modification Process. We will therefore be exploring the options around subsidiary documents and how these can be structured under the SEC, and we plan to present our findings on this to the Panel in March.
  • Releases framework: With SECMP0061 ‘Enduring SEC Releases Provisions’ approved for implementation on 28 February 2019, we are working with the DCC to produce the end-to-end process that will underpin the new releases framework. This work will produce a new set of policies and subsidiary documents which will sit under the SEC and provide robust governance, as well as clarity, around the SEC Release process. The final content will be affected by the enduring approach to be taken around implementation costs, which won’t be firmed up until the DCC’s cost benchmarking review is complete; we therefore anticipate taking updated documents to the Panel in April or May.

In addition, we will also be looking at areas such as our website and our communications approaches, with improvements being rolled out over the start of next year. We will also continue to review the Section D provisions and our underlying processes for further areas we can improve, enhance or streamline, to ensure we are able to deliver the best service for you.

We took our plan to the Panel on 14 December, and the Panel were supportive of our areas of consideration and the timelines for these. A copy of our plan can be found here .

We know that we can get better, and to help with this we welcome any thoughts on where we can improve. We are also keen to know what is working well, so that we can continue to deliver those aspects. If you have any thoughts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Change Management team at


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