BEIS conclusion to consultation on the provision of a DCC SMETS1 Service, and changes to the CPA and CPL management process for SMETS2 Devices, and consultation on proposed re-designation of the CPL Requirements Document

21 January 2019

On 5 November 2018 BEIS published a consultation seeking stakeholder views on proposed changes to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) and energy supply licence conditions to enable the provision of a SMETS1 Service by the Data Communications Company (DCC), and to streamline the management of the Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) and Central Products List (CPL) management processes that apply in respect of SMETS2 Devices.

Following consideration of stakeholder responses, BEIS has now published its conclusions and has laid the regulatory changes to the main body of the SEC and the energy supply licence conditions before Parliament, in line with the procedure under section 89 of the Energy Act 2008. BEIS has also decided to re-designate an amended version of the Inventory Enrolment and Decommissioning Procedures document (IEDP) as Appendix AC to the SEC today (21 January 2019), in order to incorporate both SMETS1-related changes and a number of consequential amendments relating to the removal of the DCC opt-out for non-domestic smart metering.

The response letter additionally consults on a proposal to re-designate the CPL Requirements Document on 11 March 2019 (or, if necessary, as soon as reasonably practicable within one month thereafter). Any responses to this consultation should be submitted by Monday 4 February 2019 to

The Government response and associated documents can be found below:

Additionally, copies of the documents that have been laid before Parliament can be found below: