DCC appeal of Panel determination of Release 2.0 milestone for Project Activity 1B

29 August 2018

At its meeting on 13th July 2018, the SEC Panel determined that Milestone 1B from the Baseline Margin Project Performance Adjust Scheme (BMPPAS) for the Release 2.0 Project was completed on 19th June 2018 and not 21st May 2018 (the Milestone Date as set out in the BMPPAS). The Panel’s determination was informed by input from the Testing Advisory Group (TAG) and Operations Group.

On the 27th July 2018, the DCC wrote to BEIS to appeal this decision. BEIS responded to the appeal on 29th August 2018 and determined that Milestone 1B of the R2.0 BMPPA Scheme was completed on 19th June 2018.

The following documents set out the DCC appeal and the response from BEIS: