Certified Products List (CPL) ZigBee Assurance Certificates update

30 November 2017

SECAS issued email notification to all SEC Parties on 27th September 2017 outlining ‘Additional CPL Submission Guidance – Certificate Content Alignment’ guidance. This guidance was developed due to discrepancies between what was including in each CPL submission and the Zigbee Assurance Certificates. In order for SECAS, on behalf of the SEC Panel, to ensure the compliance of Devices with SMETS and GBCS, enhanced guidance was issued highlighting what was required and expected in CPL submissions from the 1st December 2017.

Following feedback from industry, concerns were raised around the process clarifications to the guidance on the format of the information on certificates (particularly Zigbee Assurance Certificates) with a particular focus on firmware versions. It was highlighted that re-certification due to a firmware change may not always be required. Because of this, SECAS, following agreement with the Panel, have updated the Additional CPL Submission Guidance – Certificate Content Alignment or Supplementary Supporting Evidence’.

Please note, the SEC requirements will remain unchanged. A party should submit a CPL submission with the Zigbee Assurance Certificate that contain matching information. If the party provides a CPL submission and the supporting certificate does not match, or it is not completely clear that the information correlates, SECAS will request (if not provided from the outset) additional evidence showing the manufacturers mapping of the CPL submission to the supporting certification.

The mapping information can take the form of (or an extract from) manufacturer release notes. Where mapping information is provided, in the event of mismatch between a CPL submission and the supporting certificates. Note that the evidence will be retained by SECAS, on behalf of the Panel, for audit purposes only and will not be published on the SEC Website.

Following the 1st December 2017, SECAS will not accept new CPL submissions where there is a discrepancy until additional mapping evidence is provided.

The attached guidance provides more information. The guidance note is also available on the Certified Products List page of the SEC website.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the updated guidance further, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.