Business Architecture Document Industry Review – Release 2.0 and SEC content

14 March 2018

In order to fulfil the Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) obligations as set out under SEC Section F1.4, the Business Architecture Document (BAD) has been developed, which describes the Business Architecture for GB Smart Metering.

In advance of Release 2.0 going live later this year, the BAD has now been updated to apply the Release 2.0 content as well as other necessary SEC content updates.

Prior to the TABASC undertaken approval activities the updated document is being issued for Industry Review to provide an opportunity for SEC Parties, and other interested parties to provide views on the changes. The following documentation is included to aid this process:

  • Business Architecture Document Review – cover document
    • Attachment A – Draft Release 2.0 version of the BAD
    • Attachment B – Spreadsheet summarising the key changes to the BAD and the associated driver
    • Attachment C – BAD Review response form, to enable comments and questions on the draft BAD to be submitted

Following the review period, all comments will be collated and reviewed with revisions as required drafted. The updated BAD, post industry review will then be submitted to TABASC for discussion and approval.

If you wish to provide feedback on the Release 2.0 content, along with any other specific comments you may have on the BAD content, please complete the attached Appendix C – BAD review response form and submit to by Thursday 12th April 2018.

Please note, the BAD is accompanied by the Business Architecture Model (BAM), which provides a high-level view of the processes set out within the BAD. The supporting Release 2.0 changes to the BAM, are currently being drafted within the draft version of the BAM.

Once complete interested parties will be able to log onto the draft model to review the Release 2.0 changes. If you would like to receive login details to the BAM, please email Access will be set up to enable you to review the model changes once complete.

BAD review documentation:

Business Architecture Document Review documentation