BEIS Response to Consultation on SMETS1 End Date

4 October 2018

On 3rd July 2018, the Government published a consultation on the proposed final SMETS1 and Advanced Meter Exception end dates. The consultation also invited stakeholder views on modifying the smart metering regulatory framework to allow for the SMETS1 end date to be split by meter type and create a later SMETS1 prepayment end date, as well as a proposal to align the timeframe of derogations already granted to qualifying energy suppliers with the proposed final SMETS1 end date.

The Government response, published today (4th October 2018), confirms the final SMETS1 and Advanced Meter Exception end dates as 5th December 2018. The Direction letters giving effect to these final dates are included with the Government response.

The Government response also confirms that the timeframe of derogations granted earlier this year will be aligned with the final SMETS1 end date of 5th December 2018. Amended derogations will be issued to relevant energy suppliers and redacted versions will be made available on the SECAS website.

Finally, the Government response confirms the intention to set a later SMETS1 prepayment end date of 15th March 2019. The draft modifications allowing the later SMETS1 end date for prepayment meter installations to be set are expected to be laid before Parliament on 9th October 2018. Subject to the successful completion of this process, the Government will then issue a direction re-designating the TS Applicability Tables with a PPM Installation End Date of 15th March 2019.

List of documents:

SRO Letter including Government response to the consultation

Draft legal text

Explanatory memorandum to draft modifications to electricity and gas supply licences and the Smart Energy Code