BEIS Direction incorporating updated versions of the Organisation Certificate Policy and SMKI Interface Design Specification into the SEC to permit Production Proving

8th June 2018

On 27th March 2018 BEIS responded to its consultation on changes to the SEC to permit DCC to develop and use a ‘Production Proving’ capability (functionality to allow DCC to communicate with meters and other Devices using its live systems in order to prove the functionality of those live systems). In the same document BEIS consulted on the timing for incorporation into the SEC of the following SEC Subsidiary Documents, which had been revised to permit Production Proving:

  • SEC Appendix B ‘Organisation Certificate Policy’; and
  • SEC Appendix M ‘SMKI Interface Design Specification’.

The consultation on timing closed on 1st May 2018. After taking into account the responses to the consultation, BEIS has issued its consultation conclusions with a direction to incorporate the revised Organisation Certificate Policy and SMKI Interface Design Specification with effect from 8th June 2018.

List of documents:

You can download redlined versions of these documents here.

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