BEIS Direction incorporating updated versions of the ETAD and the CTSD into the SEC for Release 2.0

7 June 2018

On 19th April 2018 BEIS consulted on the timing for incorporation into the SEC of updated versions of the Enduring Test Approach Document (ETAD) and the Common Test Scenarios Document (CTSD) for Release 2.0: re-designating v1.2 of the ETAD as SEC Appendix J and v1.3 of the CTSD as SEC Appendix R.

The consultation closed on 3rd May 2018. After taking into account the responses to the consultation as well as additional consultation undertaken by DCC, BEIS has issued its consultation conclusions with a direction to incorporate the revised Release 2.0 ETAD and CTSD into the SEC with effect from 8th June 2018.

List of documents

You can download redlined versions of the ETAD and the CTSD here.