BEIS Consultation on DCC Licence changes

9 October 2017

Changes to the DCC licence to allow the Secretary of State to set project-based incentives for DCC and extension of the date for modification of the Operational Performance Regime.

On 21 July 2017, the Secretary of State issued an open letter consultation addressed to Ofgem, the SEC Panel, SEC Parties and other interested parties seeking views on proposals to modify the DCC licence to enable BEIS to set project-based incentives for the DCC and also to extend the date by which Ofgem could modify the Operational Performance Regime using its powers of direction under the licence.  After taking into account the responses to the consultation, BEIS has now issued its conclusions on the proposed changes and intends to make the changes to the DCC licence using its powers under Section 88 of the 2008 Energy Act.

The original open letter consultation can be found here and the associated draft licence changes here.

BEIS’s response to the consultation can be found here and the consultation responses here.

Finally a copy of the document that BEIS has laid before Parliament as part of the process of changing the licence under Section 88 can be found here with an explanatory memorandum here.