BEIS Consultation on the New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) Activation Date

22 January 2019

Today, BEIS issued a consultation on the New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) activation date.

Energy supply licence conditions enable the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to specify a date from which energy suppliers must take all reasonable steps to install a compliant smart meter where a meter is replaced or where a meter is installed for the first time (e.g. in new premises). This is referred to as the ‘New and Replacement Obligation’ (NRO). The Government is proposing to activate the NRO on 31 March 2019 and is seeking views on that proposal.


The NRO is subject to ‘all reasonable steps’, which will provide energy suppliers with a degree of operational flexibility in light of technical or practical reasons, in emergency circumstances, or where a consumer wants to retain a traditional metering service.


Your views should be submitted by 19 February 2019 to or addressed to:

Smart Metering Implementation Programme

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy,

2nd Floor, 1 Victoria Street,

London SW1H 0ET


BEIS SRO Consultation Letter on NRO Activation Date