A Reminder of a Possible Compliance Route for G3.17 – G3.20

31 October 2019

G3.17 – G3.20 is a section of the SEC which outlines the obligations of Users to ensure arrangements are in place, so they become aware of any material security vulnerability in, or likely cause of a material adverse effect on the security of their User System or any Smart Metering System (Excl. a Communications Hub Function or Gas Proxy Function) and take appropriate action.

SECAS recently advised Users that it is now possible to present a Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding ensuring compliance. This is opposed to full contract with a MAP.

The SSC would like to remind Users that G3.18 – G3.20 makes reference to Manufacturers and that if you are able to make arrangements to satisfy these obligations, directly with a Manufacturer, you may do so.