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Issues Process

In December 2016, the Panel agreed that the SEC website should provide an avenue for Parties to raise issues. Issues that could be raised fall into two broad categories:

  1. A matter that may require discussion and subsequent clarification of SEC requirements and provisions. The outcome may then require additional or updated guidance or a Modification Proposal to be raised; or
  2. Pre-modification: an area or matter that a party wishes to discuss prior to a formal Modification Proposal being prepared and submitted into the modification process.

The purpose of an Issues Form is to provide a supporting pathway, by which input from the Panel Sub-Committees can be obtained while providing a mechanism by which the issue and outcome is tracked. The input and discussion on an issue and whether the information is taken forward into a formal Modification Proposal, if required, is optional.

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How do I raise an Issue?

If you would like to raise an issue, please fill in an Issues Form and submit this to the SECAS helpdesk via This Issues Log form is intended to capture an initial overview of the matter for consideration and the type of matter it relates to e.g. a pre-modification item.

Next Steps

Following the submission of the Issues Form, SECAS will provide Critical Friend support to understand the details of the issue and to determine the most appropriate route for progression.

A swim lane process diagram setting out the key steps for the consideration and progression of SEC Issues is available here.

Issues Log

A log of all Issues that have been raised is provided in the Issues Log. This provides details of the issues raised and an associated resolution for them following the completion of the Issues Resolution process.