SMETS1 Pending Product Combinations Tests

Has the meaning given to that expression in Section H14.36A (SMETS1 Pending Product Combinations Tests).

This Section H14.36A shall only apply in respect of SMETS1 Devices from 31 August 2018 or any such
later date as the Secretary of State may direct further to a recommendation from the DCC to the
Secretary of State following a consultation on a proposed date by the DCC with all SEC Parties and the
SEC Panel. The DCC shall provide services (the “SMETS1 Pending Product Combinations Tests”)
whereby a Party or a Manufacturer (being the relevant Testing Participant) can from time to time
request that the DCC determines whether or not testing is required and, where it determines that
testing is required, tests one or more combinations of SMETS1 Device Models and communication
services provider that are not at that time listed on the SMETS1 Eligible Product Combinations in order
to demonstrate whether the DCC is able to successfully process SMETS1 Service Requests and relevant
SMETS1 Alerts in respect of them (subject to Section H14.36C(c)).

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