Significant Code Review Phase [SCR Phase]

Means, in respect of each Significant Code Review, the period from the date on which the Authority issues the notice stating that the matter is to constitute a Significant Code Review (including where the Authority issues a direction under Section D5.7 (Significant Code Review: Backstop Direction) or proposes an Authority-Led Variation by issuing a direction under Section D9A.2 (Authority Power to Develop a Proposed Variation)), and ending on the earlier of:
(a) the date on which the Authority, or DCC at the direction of the Authority, submits a Draft Proposal in respect of any variations arising out of a Significant Code Review;
(b) where the Authority has proposed an Authority-Led Variation, the date on which the Authority makes a decision in accordance with Section D9A.11 (Authority Decision);
(c) the date on which the Authority issues a conclusion that no modification is required to this Code as a result of the Significant Code Review; or
(d) the date 28 days after the date on which the Authority issues its conclusion document in respect of the Significant Code Review.

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