Modification Report

Has the meaning given to that expression in Section D7.1 (Modification Report).

A Draft Proposal must contain the following information:
(a) the name of the Proposer;
(b) the name and contact details of an employee or representative of the Proposer who will act as a
principal point of contact in relation to the proposal;
(c) the date on which the proposal is submitted;
(d) a description in sufficient detail of the nature of the proposed variation to this Code and of its
intended purpose and effect;
(e) a statement of whether, in the opinion of the Proposer, the Modification Proposal should be a Self-
Governance Modification;
(f) a statement of whether the Proposer considers, in the light of any guidance on the topic issued by
the Authority from time to time, that the Modification Proposal should be treated as an Urgent
Proposal (and, if so, its reasons for so considering);
(g) a statement of whether or not the Modification Proposal is intended to be a Fast- Track
(h) a statement of the reasons why the Proposer believes that this Code would, if the proposed
variation were made, better facilitate the achievement of the SEC Objectives than if that variation
were not made;
(i) a statement of whether the Proposer believes that there would be a material impact on Greenhouse
Gas Emissions as a result of the proposed variation being made; and
(j) a statement of whether the Proposer believes the Draft Proposal should be submitted directly to the

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