IKI Certificate Policy

Means the SEC Subsidiary Document of that name set out in Appendix Q.

This Policy sets out the arrangements relating to:
(i) IKI Certificates; and
(ii) IKI Certificate Authority (ICA) Certificates.
(B) This Policy is structured according to the guidelines provided by IETF RFC 3647, with
appropriate extensions, modifications and deletions.
(C) Except where the context otherwise requires, words or expressions used in this Policy shall
have the meanings ascribed to them in IETF RFC 5280 where they:
(i) appear in Courier New font;
(ii) are accompanied by the descriptor ‘field’, ‘type’ or ‘extension’; and/or
(iii) take the form of a conjoined string of two or more words, such as ‘digitalSignature’.

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