Explicit Charges

Means the Charges calculated in accordance with Section K7, and payable in respect of the Explicit Charging Metrics.

The Explicit Charges for each Regulatory Year are payable in respect of the Explicit Charging Metrics for
that Regulatory Year.
K7.2 The Explicit Charging Metrics from time to time are as set out in this Section K7.
K7.3 Part of the rationale for Explicit Charging Metrics is to allow the DCC to closely reflect the charges it
pays to the DCC Service Providers in respect of certain services, to SECCo in respect of certain
Recoverable Costs, and to AltHANCo in respect of the Alt HAN Costs, so as to minimise the risks for the
DCC associated with uncertainty regarding the frequency with which such services are to be provided
or such Alt HAN Costs are incurred. The Explicit Charging Metrics may comprise any or all of the Core
Communication Services and of the Enabling Services (so they are a sub-set of all Services other than
the Elective Communication Services) and of the Alt HAN Costs. The Explicit Charging Metrics represent
those Core Communication Services, Enabling Services and Alt HAN Costs that are to be charged for
separately from the Fixed Charges, Fixed CH Charges and Fixed Alt HAN Charges.
K7.4 The

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