Equivalent Steps

Means in relation to a SMETS1 Device and/or a SMETS1 Service Request, those steps that are required to be taken such that:
(a) the relevant Device is, or Data relating to it, are configured or reconfigured; or
(b) Data that are stored on, or in relation to or generated by, that Device are retrieved,
so as to have an effect that is equivalent to that which would occur were a Service Request of the same Service Reference Variant as the SMETS1 Service Request to be Successfully Executed on a SMETS2+ Device equivalent to the SMETS1 Device (taking into account the different design functionality of the SMETS1 Device and, where relevant, any specific requirements for alternative processing set out in the SMETS1 Supporting Requirements), and such that the appropriate SMETS1 Response(s) and SMETS1 Alert(s) can be generated.

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